About us

batsi_equipBATSI is the trademark under which EiD Electrònics SL markets its products.
The company started its business in 1999 with a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the sector.
EiD Electrònics SL is an R&D company that develops and designs machinery optimization projects and manufactures equipment via cable or radio to control machinery movements.
The applications for EiD Electrònics SL technology are endless, specializing in agricultural machinery, industrial machinery and industrial vehicles.
The customer is the focus of its unique business that integrates research, development, innovation, design and manufacture of electronic systems and equipment through an extensive network of distributors and on-site agents.batsi_electronica
The philosophy of EiD, based adapting technology to the customer’s needs, has resulted in rapid customer loyalty that thinks of BASTI when thinking of innovation and optimization.


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